Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sugar has her place between the sofa and coffee table.  She even has her own "throw!"  What a joy she is to me.  She is so loving and sweet.

I am very excited as I am having a artist come to my home to give me an estimate for faux finishing an accent wall.  We went to a Home & Garden show and her work is incredible.  Some of her techniques are so similar to a lot of our mixed media, just on a much grander scale.  Keep your fingers crossed it won't be tooooooo expensive!

I have been working on machine embroidering and am making Clara (10 yr old granddaughter) frog giftbags for her birthday party.  I will post them soon.  I had great fun being creative with very colorful frogs!


Wanda said...

Sugar sure looks like she is getting comfortable and feeling all the love. Is she as shiny as the picture shows?

Marilyn Rock said...

Sugar certainly looks at home there! What a beauty! I'm happy she offers you joy! They are the best of friends! xxoo