Friday, December 13, 2013

So Many Changes!

We have moved from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho back to Bend, Oregon.  We feel like we have come home!

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Susan Lenz said...

Good Morning from South Carolina where we are thawing out from an unusual covering of snow. I thought I just left a comment but I think I messed up at the very end. Anyway, thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, especially in support of this new work I am doing by using Ana Mendieta's approach to art, melding my own body into the earth, and thinking about what we as humans are in relationship to nature. For me, it is a natural path from the Grave Rubbing series and deals with issues that I know you are most familiar. I talked about you just the other day ... with a talented artist named Lee Malerich. She was a regional sensation "back in the day" when she stitched out all her fears and problems in dealing with two bouts of cancer, including a very aggressive form of colon cancer which she wasn't supposed to survive. The two of you are my mental image of "survivor" and courage, and the will to live and love. Thus, I think your blog is perfectly named. Thanks again!
PS I'm so happy that you two are back in Oregon. Steve and I once visited there and had THE BEST TIME. We flew into Portland, drove the coastal roads south, visited the majestic dunes, stayed in a real treehouse near Cave National Monument Park, and when to Crater Lake which had to be the most beautiful vista I've ever seen. Are you planning on going to the International Quilt Festival in Portland this coming August? Steve would like to go! I have a piece in two different SAQA exhibits.