Friday, May 7, 2010


I Love My Dog!  Sugar has adapted quite well to becoming a pet.  I have taught her it is okay to have toys and she carries around her bear and takes it to bed with her!  Being an adopted dog she deals with anxiety if we leave her.  She has jumped up on the window trying to get out.  For her safety we have to put her in the garage with her bed and water.  When I come home she is so anxious and runs around the backyard like a track really fast to get her anxiety out.  If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.  My husband refuses to try to crate train her which I think would be the best thing for her.  She brings us both a lot of joy.  She is fortunate because we are retired and are with her most of the time.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely dog. She is a very Lucky Dog to have you as her "mom". She looks so sweet, and you must be thrilled with how quickly she has adapted to life with you.
Separation Anxiety can be tricky.Often the local Vet has helpful hints on dog(pet) handling.We've had help(in the past) about a stray cat we tamed a long time ago. We have Puppy Schools here. They let older dogs come too.Dog handlers use "behav modificaton" methods which might help. I hope you can so9lve this tricky situation.It must be hard seeing her in such stress when you go out.

Jen Crossley said...

Sugar is so cute I cant wait to meet her.Im so glad you have her Sis.

Marilyn Rock said...

Sugar is gorgeous Linda! What a beautiful dog. Aren't they just the best of friends? We miss our Katie dog and she was a rescue beagle. Her anxiety level, when we had to leave her, was just over the top. We tried the crate training but it just didn't work. We did take her to some behavior training with a reward system and it did help some. It was so hard leaving, the house, knowing she was so stressed. Keep us posted but Sugar is worth it! Thanks for popping over to my Blog for visit! xxoo Marilyn

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

Hi sweetie!
thanks for droppin' by the Yaya, and your "Sugar" is beautiful and how could one not help lovin' her with that picture of her and her bear! :) Have a beautiful week..xo...deb

scrappygal said...

Beautiful dog!!

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scrappygal said...

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Shan said...

Sugar is an adorable dog. She seems like a sweet one. I hope her anxiety will all be ok in no time.
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I have a Sugar too! ... she is a white schnauzer and she too was a rescue dog. She also has the same anxiety problems as you describe. Crate training would really be the best thing for her because they feel so safe and secure in there crate. You just need to go about it in the right way. Try taking the door off the crate. Then just put her bed in there and keep in in the house where she can get in anytime. If you just ignore that it is there she will be using it before you know it. Once she is comfortable put the door on but only close it for a few minutes at a time while you are there. Increase the time the door is closed slowly as she is comfortable with it. Once she is happy you can leave her in it while your gone...really it makes them feel more secure than running free in the house. We always want to look at things from a people point of view but we really need to try and look at it through there eyes.
Much luck!
Inka :)