Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here is the completed bathroom with all  new tile shower and tiled bath & new tiled floor.  It is incredible, my shower has never felt so good!
I have the after and before pics so you can get an idea.  The wall had to come down and the fiberglass shower pulled out.  It made the bathroom so much lighter and brighter & the shower larger.
To top it all off my hair has been growing in beautifully after falling out so terribly after my two surgeries and 6+week stay in the hospital.  My shoulder is healing and I will be doing physical therapy for 3 months.  I am starting to create again and it feels good.  My house has been my pallet for the last year!

I went to an  estate sale where they were liquidating a older ladie's collections.  I loved this old pocket watch with the beading around it.  I will re-do the buttons and ribbon and come up with my own idea, but what fun rummaging through all of it.  I got a bolt of gorgeous fabric for throw pillows or whatever in my home colors for a song.

These great pics I found at a estate sale, along with\
 the pile of yarn, scissor holder, handmade lace doilies
and lots of fun goodies and spent a whopping $40!
It is pretty hard to be that entertained for a day and only spend $40 or less, can't remember exactly.  The hunt is the best part.  I haven't shown pictures of the different fabric pieces included in that.  Now I have to stay home and make some fun things with it all.


Anonymous said...

All these lovely "goodies".Glad you are beginning to start creating again.Feels good eh?
Bathroom is gorgeous!!

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous renovation Linda and what great finds. I hope you're keeping well.

Jen Crossley said...

OMG love the bathroom sis looks amazing.
Love the goodies you bought wish I was there with you

purple bird art said...

The bathroom looks great and it looks like I need to take a trip up to your neck of the woods to find the best in estate sales!

inventivesoul said...

Oh wow! I love your bathroom!
And Linda, that watch you found at the estate sale is gorgeous! If that ribbon is old, it may be worth it to have it appraised before altering it!
---I responded to your inquiry about the miniature cake in the comments section, but I will answer you here too to save you the trip back there!-
((There is so much time involved. I am not yet sure what to charge.
I could sell them retail.
Thank you Linda!))