Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is my new girl Sugar. I have been broken hearted ever since we lost our Missy. We adopted Sugar a couple of days ago and she is a real sweet girl. She is two years old and is adjusting to her new home.
She has never had toys or tennis balls and that is so odd to us with having Goldens for years. She was going to be bred as these people have a business breeding and selling puppies. Sugar is very petite and was too small for breeding. They had four kids so the toys belonged to the kids, not the dogs! I will work with her and pretty soon she will be playing with toys. I'm happy!
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Anonymous said...

What a lovely sweetie pie!!I bet she'll be playing in no time at all with you to love her!

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; congratulations on your Sugar! I loved opening up your Blog seeing her! She is beautiful and what an angel she will be for you and with you. I am SO happy, for you, and look forward to seeing more pictures of her in time. Enjoy! They have healing powers!

Thank you for leaving your lovely, warm and supportive comment on my Blog.

Much love - Marilyn xxoo

Wanda said...

What a wonderful addition to your family! And I'm so very happy that you adopted an adult. So many people want the kittens and puppies but it takes a special family to take the cat or dog. Your relationship with Sugar is just starting...and it's going to be wonderful and awesome seeing her learn to enjoy and love YOU!!