Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The floors are in, the baseboards completed and Mama's Happy!

When we purchased this home I knew there were several projects that needed to be done and I have my new wood floors! The only thing left is to re-d0 our bathroom and that will be a while. I think some paint will keep me happy for a while. Oh, forgot to mention I am going to paint the wall behind the sofa a accent color and the trey ceiling in the
dining room. The house is painted a nice light tan color, darker than it shows in the picture, but it needs some punch!

Tonight we celebrated my daughter's 40th birthday! It is hard to
believe my baby girl is 40! The four of us had a wonderful evening eating Hon's delicious hamburgers, playing a new card game, and then eating Kim's favorite Mississippi Mudcake. If I say so myself, it was delicious. I had to put it in the frig outside so I don't keep eating it!

God is good! We are so blessed in these difficult times.
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Wanda said...

Oh my absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW they are stunning Linda you must be thrilled.
Cant wait to skid along the floor in my undies like Tom Cruise LOL

Marilyn Rock said...

Your home is gorgeous Linda! Your creativity reflects in your decorating, too. Have a healthy year! xxoo

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

the floors are beautiful!