Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My challenge for this new year is #1 to be healthy, and #2 to learn this complicated embroidery sewing machine of which I purchased an even more complicated software program!  I had lesson one and all went well.  I decided to monogram napkins for our finer dining experiences.  My machine did not co-operate at all.  I have done this before with no problems, but the thread jammed up under the feeddog so badly I could barely get it out of the machine.  I tried to no avail three different times, changing the bobbin thread, rethreading the machine, changing the needle........and every tool I looked for I couldn't find and I was ready to get rid of everything!  Anyone else go through these kind of days?  My solution was to walk away and wait for my lesson on Thursday and to call my Aussie Sis and talk for an hour and a half!

Back to my #1 to be healthy, I started going back to the gym and thought I took it easy, but I have tweaked my neck and had a migraine for three days!  I guess all that arm movement in the pool aggravated my neck.  I took a couple days off and am going to give it another go tomorrow.

Here's to a new day!!!!!!!  If it doesn't get better watch for my huge sale!


Marilyn Rock said...

I so admire people who sew with such beautiful results as you get. I just don't seem to have the patience and I seem to be a curse to a sewing machine of any kind :)

Take care of yourself! I wish you the healthiest New Year!

Your son is very handsome!

Best wishes always - Marilyn xxoo

Jen Crossley said...

See I good talk with me does wonders LOL,you and I are so naughty.
I so admire you my dear sis #1 your health is so important so dont over do thats an order from me.
Love Jen

Wanda said...

Linda...take it easy! Start SLOW and I mean SNAIL SLOW