Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There have never been two more beautiful words spoken than these last January after Jim went through his esophageal cancer reconstruction surgery in Portland, Oregon at OHSU.  We have been on quite a journey these last five months, and my life has been devoted to my husband.  Jim is now recovering from pneumonia after surgery and life should start to be becoming normal once again. 

I look forward to creating and have my altered cookbook out to work on.  My dear Sis, Jen got me started last summer and it has made it onto my work table.  I will take pictures of it as it is a work in progress.

Please do come back and see more creating as the healing continues.  I am very excited to be planning on going to Art & Soul Retreat in Portland, Oregon in September of this year.


Robin Mac said...

Linda, I lost your email ages ago before I replied to it, so I am really thrilled to read this post. I hope to find that he is now completely recovered from the pneumonia as well. Wonderful news for both of you, you are surely survivors. Cheers

Marilyn Rock said...

Positive thoughts and prayers for you and Jim. Hoping he is fully healed from the pneumonia and fabulous reports for both of you! Thanks for stopping by my Blog - missed you! xxoo

Carol said...

Fantastic news Linda, I know what its like to go through something like this, sending you both positive vibes for a speedy recovery

craftattack said...

Hi Linda, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you have good news, hugs and sparkles from Germany for you and Jim, I know what you are going though! Valerie

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the positive feedback on my blog! The artistic weekend was wonderful and I know that you were with me in spirit! Why? Because I sat with my "I do / I don't" installation and listened to people read the many statements that appeared on the stitched wedding veils. I don't know how many people read aloud, "I loved you through cancer ..." Your life is touching people everywhere. Who knows how many are daily looking at your portrait in Rocky Mount, NC? Thank you so much for your kind words, support, and willingness to share your experience through my stitches!