Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A gift from Jen & more creations

This gorgeous book was shown to me when Jen arrived and I was so excited to see her work in person and had asked if she could bring one of her books to show me. Much to my surprise, this beautiful book is mine! I will share the pages as I gain more strength. It is something you don't want to miss! Thanks Sis! I look at it often and appreciate everything you did.

We used a very detailed stamp to etch this switch plate. It is better in person and we also used a high gloss shine spray to give it a nice finish.

This is my favorite piece. Jen brought a kit for me to complete while she was here. I did my first etching and then created my composition. I used vintage papers and aged the sides and then put it all together. It is a real conversation starter!

Thanks for all my great gifts and classes Sis! Well, I guess if we add in Matthews food bill we might be even!!!!!!!!! What a joy to see that boy enjoy our American food, especially Jim's "beerbuttchicken!"

Be sure and look at the previous post for more of Jen & my creations.
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Gretz said...

Wow they look great Linda! Hope you are feeling better


Wanda said...

The book is wonderful! I hope you are feeling better..please let me know!


Awesome book! How fun it must have been to receive something like that! I an sure you had a wonderful time going through it with Jen! It is good to see you posting again too! I hope that it is a sign that your health is returning :)

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Sis so glad your posting again,I do so miss you