Tuesday, May 19, 2009

North Carolina Vacation

Jim and I had the most wonderful time in North Carolina. Apparently we went at the very best time of the year. The Azaleas were in bloom amid the gorgeous Carolina Pines. Dave and Mary introduced us to the most wonderful bbq food, especially the Hush Puppies!!!!!!!!!!! We met all of their great neighbors, enjoyed the beautiful countryside, found all of the old cemeteries for me, and checked out the beautiful North Carolina lakes. I wanted to pack up and move to this beautiful state! We went to the coast and discovered the great Outer Banks. I saw the Rodanthe house from Nights at Rodanthe. I drove by Nicolas Sparks home and took the same journey Dr. Paul did in the book and movie. I loved digging my toes in the sand and scouring the beaches for glass and shells. We walked on the same ground that the Wright Brothers did at Kitty Hawk! The ferry to Ocracoke was pretty wild! Cape Hatteras was wonderful and full of interesting sites to see. Above and beyond anything Dave and Mary are the most incredible hosts we have experienced. Friends cannot describe how special they are to Jim and I. I know God put the four of us together and it is for always. They are family! Thanks Guys!

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