Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today was a day full of introspections. Ten years ago today I was diagnosed and operated on for advanced ovarian cancer. After five major surgeries, chemotherapy, many hospitalizations, lymphedema, and a immune system that isn't the best, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY LIFE!!!!!!!! God is incredible and I give him the glory for giving me a second chance at living. I was very teary today remembering these last ten years. Tomorrow I will be sharing at Bible study "my story." I hope by sharing my story I can make a difference.

Thank you my dear Jen and family for my beautiful flowers. They are gorgeous and ease you not being here, just a little!
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Jen Crossley said...

Oh Linda, You are a amazing woman to have fought and won the battle against ovarian Cancer I admire you more than you know and Im sure you will inspire many other women with Ovarian cancer to fight and give them hope

Linda Lynch said...

Thanks Jen! It was the biggest fight of my life, and only with God's help did I make it!

Pat Winter said...

Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary on winning the battle and keeping a wonderful outlook. Positivity is the only way to go!
Gentle hugs, and another beautiful bouquet!

Linda Lynch said...

Posted to my e-mail by Jan Bartlett

My Dear Friend, I Celebrate with you the passing years cancer free. I know the journey has not been easy. You have been a beacon of courage, strength, and fortitude. Bless you for everything you have artfully shared and openly communicated about your progress. As a beautiful woman that has overcome this serious disease knows that you are doing your "work." You have inspired many. I am privileged to be one of your many friends to share your illness and recovery. Praise God, Family, and Friends...Pets too!!! Jan

Judy said...

Wow congrats to you Linda - how amazing - best news i have heard in a while. Thanks for commenting on my blog and yes i do know who you are - jen raves about you.