Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Rosie and I played with beeswax while I visited in California. This is a copy of a 1809 French document and a copy of a antique French postcard. I continue to be drawn to beeswax collage and love the antique look.
Again another French postcard beeswax collage made by me. I can't seem to get away from that antique look! I made two more which I will post later.
Rosie created this great beeswax collage from a antique postcard and then used it as a cover for a small book.
This is my favorite collage! Rosie is a watercolor artist and this collage reminds me of her watercolor with the techniques she used. I always learn from her everytime we create.
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Jen Crossley said...

These are really stunning sis.You have really outdone yourself.Im so glad you had a great time with Rosie.
SO great to see you creating again

Ro Bruhn said...

Love these images, I keep intending to give beeswax a go but haven't got around to it yet. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog

Gaby Bee said...

I just come along from Germany via Jen's blog and it is amazing what I see. All these pieces are just fabulous!

wendy vecchi said...

Yep...still the same very talented..CREATIVE...LINDA!

Artastics said...

How beautiful Linda and you got to play with Rosie...what fun! You have always created such beautiful art with bee's wax. Nice to see you working in this medium again. Your Blog is awesome with such gorgious gifts of love. It reflects your glorious energy my friend

dime store daze said...

what fantastic works of art.!!

Patti said...

thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog and love the beeswax - do you know the origin of the saying, "mind your own beeswax?" It came from the 'olden' days when women smoothed their complexions with warmed beeswax that, of course, began to crack with any facial movement. If another woman got too close and began to stare, the offended one would retort, "mind your own beeswax!"
Love that tale.