Saturday, July 12, 2008

After FOUR long years we are so happy to see one another. Next visit we are hoping to have Matthew and Nicole along.
We had a neighborhood party for Jen & Mark and everyone thought they were delightful.

Jenny fell in live with Missy, our seven year old Golden Retriever, and believe me Missy fell for Jen! She missed her so much after she left. They brought her a stuffed Koala and she carried it around in her mouth searching the house for Jen. We had a wonderful day on the boat and had lunch at "Eddie's" on the lake. Jen was living "The American Dream" according to her!

Jim took Jen for a scooter ride and they both had a ball. Of course Jim delighted in scaring Jen and she shrieked and that only encouraged him. Such a bad boy I married!


Marilyn Rock said...

Linda; I'm SO happy you had a great time with Jen's visit. I'm sure she was thrilled to be there with you and yours. I'm also glad you had time with your grandson; he's very handsome!

Jen Crossley said...

The photos are wonderful It makes me miss you even more if possible.Im sorry Jim is now deaf in one ear after my screaming in it on the scooter ride.Give Missy a big hug for me

azirca said...

Hi Linda, just came here via Jen's blog to see the photos of her stay with you. They are great, thanks so much for sharing them.
Your pooch is beautiful, no wonder Jen fell in love with her.