Saturday, March 29, 2008


I hope to get back to my art quilting and mixed media art soon. I recently had shoulder surgery and am unable to use my shoulder for a while. I miss my creating! Here is the latest creation in our lives. We had rock put on our fireplace wall, had a new custom mantle built, and watching the mason work was like watching an artist. He did an incredible job, but sure was glad he finished after my house being in disarray for three weeks!


inventivesoul said...

Hi Linda, your fireplace is NICE!
Did you have one like it in Bend?

Just wanted to drop by and say HI!

Hope you feel great in no time!

I *finally* got a new sewing machine (it's been a LONG time) so I can start quilting again.
I am SO very excited!!!

Happy Spring Linda!

Linda Lynch said...

Hello Amber~! Can't wait to see your work on your new machine. Our fireplace in Bend was riverrock and didn't go all of the way to the ceiling, but was in a corner as well. This one does remind me of the one in Bend I so loved!

Jen Crossley said...

This looks so awesome Linda cant wait to sit near it with you

Cami said...

Love the rocks!!! Hope you're in good repair soon!