Friday, July 20, 2007

so much to create so little time

The time has come to join the blogging craze. Not too long ago I didn't even know what the word meant! I guess if I plan on staying with the times I need to do this.

My latest creating frenzy has been handpainting lace with dye. I am a lace addict with scads of vintage laces, laces leftover from my lingerie creating days and now my Venetian rayon laces for dying. I find it so relaxing and therapeudic that I have an overstock of dyed lace. I started searching the thrift stores and garage sales for good condition denim clothing to embellish. Here are a few pieces I have made.

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Jen Crossley said...

Welcome to the world of blogging,Im glad you have made the leap!!!
Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful art work.I love the clothes very cool.
Take care
Jen (sis)